Automating Processes, Controlling Systems, Increasing Efficiency.

Electromatics helps businesses bring process and automation to life through custom control systems. From concept to completion, we walk beside our clients every step of the way to provide creative, innovative, & cost effective solutions to ensure their project goals are achieved.

Wondering what an Electromatics project is like? Here’s a sneak peak into our Full-Service Control Systems Process.

Consultation & Discovery

The initial consultation and discovery phase helps us understand your business and goals. We typically come on-site and walk through your existing environment and identify the concerns, challenges needs & issues. At the same time, we evaluate the systems already in place so we can plan for possible integrations with existing systems.

Design Integration & Approval

Based on our initial discovery, Electromatics will create a project scope based on your goals, and design a process that will help you achieve those goals. We’ll use the specifications and requirements you provide to design an integrated system that will meet your needs. Once the design review is done and approved, we send it through to our procurement team.


Build & Wire

Our team of expert engineers and builders will take the design and bring it to life. We’ll ensure that your new system is compliant with regulatory standards and in accordance with applicable code. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure elements are clearly labeled, easily accessible for servicing, and professionally assembled.



Programming and integration takes into consideration our customer goals, proposal specifications, the scope of project, the Bill of Materials, the approved layout and schematics and brings it all together into a functional system. From the back-end programming to the Human Machine Interface (HMI), our programmers build systems that meet or exceed requirements & objectives for what the process should be able to do.

Through the programing process, we marry together all the required technologies and equipment, merging them together to form one cohesive solution.


Assembly & Testing

Before we ever ship a product, our team completely assembles and tests it at our facility to ensure it meets the quality and functionality requirements set forth in the project scope.

  • Point to point wiring testing
  • Power Up
  • Program Install
  • System Test

Remote Monitoring & Support

Electromatic’s involvement and support doesn’t end with installation and start-up. Depending on the scope of service agreed to, we work with our clients on remote monitoring solutions that help ensure productivity, even when they’re away from the system.

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