Innovative solutions for yesterday’s problems.

Technology is changing at a speed so rapid, businesses struggle to keep up. The technology that control systems were built on 20 years ago (or even 10) have become outdated, obsolete, or unsupported.

  • PLC/HMI brand crossover
  • PLC, HMI, Motion control system upgrades
  • Computerized error free program conversion

In addition to providing Full Service Control Systems, Electromatics works with organizations to evaluate their existing control systems and bring them up-to-date and up-to-code.

Retrofitting your existing control system with new technology could help your system run faster, more efficiently, and more effectively than it does now. In addition, the new innovations and integrations that have been developed can help your control system be productive, even when you’re not there to manage it.

Electromatics will work with you to determine where the existing control system falls short, what improvements are available, which technologies could improve the process, and what elements need to be replaced.
Along with a proposal, we provide alternative options that both optimize your budget and ensure your new system will positively benefit your business.

Is your control system failing or becoming obsolete?