Your Design. Your Process. Our Solution.

When you don’t need Full Service Control System, but need someone with expertise to replicate and build a system you may already have in place, we can help with that.

  • State of the art wire processing equipment
  • Custom tagging systems
  • UL508A certified shop
  • 40 years of experience

Often times, businesses may have a process that they want to standardize across all of their plants, locations, or equipment. But to build and design the control box internally would take too much time, energy and investment.

Enter Electromatics – your partner in control panel box assembly.

Electromatics makes it easy for you to replicate automated processes and control systems across your whole organization.

As with our Full Service Control System services, we’ll conduct an initial consultation and discovery meeting where we get a feeling for your goals, processes, and needs for the project.

Once we’ve determined the starting point, we can decide where to go next.

Electromatics has the ability to design, build, program and integrate your control systems, but if you only need help with certain elements, we can do that, too.

Once we have the process nailed down, we’ll go to work building and shipping as many Control Panel Boxes as your organization needs, working within your timeline and budget.



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