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EZ Truck Loader


Electromatics, Inc. is pleased to introduce the EZ Truck Loader.  This state of the art design incorporates truck, customer and job databases with a built in scale integrator and a printer.

The EZ Truck Loader is a conveyor based truck load-out system that weighs material and fills trucks.  Administration functions are available to update Trucks, Customers, Jobs, Date and Time, Pit and Conveyor information as well as do Scale Calibration.  

With this system the separate PC, house and operator are not needed.  The unit sits in a stand where the truck driver can reach it when loading.

The weight is calculated using a load cell in a belt scale and integrated with a tail pulley speed pickup. A ticket is printed for each truck showing the truck number, job, amount loaded and totals.

EZ Truck Loader control panel


EZ Truck Loader

Fast Facts
  • All in One design
  • No PC required
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • 100 truck database
  • Customer database

        Job database

        Daily reports

  • Built in scale integrator
  • Easy one pass calibration
  • One or two ticket option
  • Password protected setup
  • 120V AC Power
  • Relay Interface for motors

        Built in clock

Truck and Job Database

A list of truck numbers and the number of tons to load for each truck are easily stored in the system.  Trucks can be viewed, added, changed or deleted on the screen.

Multiple customers and multiple jobs per customer can be entered.   Each customer and job is selectable via switch.   The truck driver can select their customer and job.

Easy Truck Loading

The truck driver enters in their truck number and presses start. The EZ Truck Loader loads the truck with the number of tons for that truck. A ticket then prints out. The driver takes the ticket and drives off.

The truck driver enters in their truck number and presses start.    The loads the truck with the number of tons for that truck.  A ticket then prints out.  The driver takes the ticket and drives off.

Scale Calibration

Calibrating the scale is as a simple as one, two, three.  It is a single pass operation where the operator is not required to do any computation.   First, run the auto zero, then load a truck with a target weight, and finally enter the scaled truck net load weight.

After the test truck has been loaded and sent to the scale, other trucks can continue to load.  When the net load weight from the scale is returned, the calibration sequence can be completed.


EZ Truck Loader Ticket

When the truck is finished loading, a ticket is printed.   The ticket contains the date, time, truck number, customer number, job number, material type, number of loads today, and total tons for this job.

Each ticket has the total tons loaded to date for that job.   These totals can be reset from the panel as needed, such as at the beginning of the day or the start of a new job.  

EZ Truck Loader

Additional features

All operations are done from the panel.  A separate PC is not needed.  The parts used in the system are off the shelf parts, generally available locally.  The printer has been used in gas stations worldwide.

Individual jobs can be set to load the same weight on all trucks for that job, regardless of the weight specified for that truck.  This allows for spanning dumps.

The date and time are retained when the system is powered off.  The date and time can be set from the panel.

A report showing totals by customer and job can be printed at any time.

The EZ Truck Loader, Jr. is available using input from a truck, platform, or hopper scale.

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